Nano M8

The best system for low altitude small area projects. 

Training Flight in Switzerland

Check out the Nano M8 in its operation training flight right outside of the LidarSwiss Headquarters in Switzerland.

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Bustling Street near Hong Kong

Our most versatile entry level system, the Nano M8 is capable as an airborne UAV and a terrestrial vehicle mounted system. 
This is an example of a UAV mounted project.

  • Flight height: 80m
  • Flight speed: 6m/sec
  • Laser pulse rate: 400kHz
  • Image ground pixel size: 3cm
  • UAV type: multicopter

= Color by elevation
= Laser intensity


  • 8 laser heads with 360° FOV
  • Rugged system controller
  • Autonomous operation
  • 20mp RGB calibrated camera
  • One button startup
  • 3 returns with intensity
  • Fits in small size Pelican® case
  • Installation in minutes


  • Area and corridor 3D data acquisition
  • Terrain modeling for precise farming
  • Historical site mapping
  • Rapid and accurate distance measuring
  • Stockpiles and volumetric calculations
  • Disaster management


  • Custom integrations
  • Project advice
  • Calibration for new platforms
  • Mounting brackets
  • Software interfaces
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Consulting