Always at the Forefront of UAV LiDAR Technology

LidarSwiss Solutions GmbH provides leading edge technology LiDAR systems and software.

Each of our systems feature unique design elements including lab calibrated digital cameras, robust mounting capabilities and encapsulated components.  When paired with 3D Live technology, our systems are the top-performing systems in the industry. 

Products That Meet Every Need and Demand

Nano P60

Our most compact and
lightweight LiDAR system.

Nano X90

Our most impressive
entry-level Nano LiDAR system.

Nano Vux 3

The perfect solution for
every small LiDAR project.

Micro Vux 22

Our lightest micro-generation
long range LiDAR solution.

Micro 120

The highest quality extreme point
density system on the market.

3D Live

Our most advanced
software to date.

Check Out the Different Rendering Models in Our 3D Data - Direct from Our Geo-Referencing Engine

Small Village in Vietnam – 400m x 500m

Our Micro 120 is capable of creating extremely dense point clouds in single flight strips.  This example is 3 edge-matched, with parallel flight lines and is 900+ pts/m2.  The purpose of this project was to acquire data for 3D modeling of rural communities.

  • Flight height: 150m
  • Flight speed: 6m/sec
  • Laser pulse rate: 1800kHz
  • Image ground pixel size: 3cm
  • UAV type: multicopter

= Color by elevation
= Laser intensity
 = RGB 

Thailand Flood Study – 62,005 km2

This Micro Vux 22 example is a 1km2  tile of our largest UAV LiDAR mapping project to date, which was completed in the spring of 2021.  The project was designed and delivered at an accuracy of 1:1000, including orthophotos created completely from direct geo-referenced imagery.  Every mission is more than 15km BVLOS.

  • Flight height: 400m
  • Flight speed: 30m/sec
  • Laser pulse rate: 250kHz
  • Image ground pixel size: 10cm
  • UAV type: VTOL fixed wings

= Color by elevation
= Laser intensity

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