How the Technology Works

LSAP conducts the following steps automatically:

The data obtained has the following characteristics:

LSAP is Making Headlines

Check out the two press releases below – one from Inside Unmanned Systems who published the news the day LSAP was announced.  In the second, you can learn more about the competition LidarSwiss competed in at Geo Week 2023.

Inaugural Use Case

Nano Vux 3 on M600

Our first use case took place in China on July 26, 2023.  Our customer needed to map a small village in the eastern part of the country.  The area is about 0.1km² and the accuracy requirement was 5cm.  RGB attribution was needed.  Our Nano Vux 3 equipped with LSAP was used for the project and a DJI M600 was the platform.  

The mission was 6 flight lines altogether.  After proper set-up was complete, the entire mission took 10 minutes to finish and the data was ready at landing. 

LSAP acquiring and processing data

during flight

RGB LAS file is ready for download

LAS file of the project area obtained immediately after download

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