Nano Vux 3

The perfect solution for every small LiDAR project.

A Quick Glimpse

In this video courtesy of our partners at Geo-Info®, you’ll see the Nano Vux 3 in action.  Stay tuned for more videos of this sensor, coming soon!

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Power Lines in Malaysia

The Nano Vux 3 is a survey grade, medium level, all around sensor.  It’s 360deg FOV makes it capable for any type of project. With its light weight it can be mounted on most any UAV.

  • Flight height: 120m
  • Flight speed: 6m/sec
  • Laser pulse rate: 300kHz
  • Image ground pixel size: 3cm
  • UAV type: multicopter

= Color by elevation
= Laser intensity


  • Applanix® IMU/GNSS
  • Intelligent system controller
  • Autonomous operation
  • 42mp calibrated camera
  • Automatic RGB attribution to laser points
  • Only 30% side lap needed to generate survey grade DOM
  • Lifetime system calibration
  • Direct geo-referencing technology
  • Support Geo-RT real-time process


  • High accuracy small area mapping
  • Terrain modeling for heavy vegetation areas
  • Historical site mapping
  • Rapid and accurate distance measuring
  • Volumetric calculations for mining
  • Power line inspection/danger tree analysis


  • Custom integrations
  • Project advice
  • Calibration for new platforms
  • Mounting brackets
  • Software interfaces
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Consulting 
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