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Whether it's More Advanced Software,
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LidarSwiss is the Leader

Introducing: 3D Live

Our 3D Live software is the fastest, most in-depth live data analysis on the market.  

During the UAVs flight, compressed LAS files are sent to your ground station.  

That data is immediately available for use/measurement. 

We Process Files x3 Faster than Our Competitors

See the LidarSwiss workflow in contrast to the traditional process below. 
This comparison of processing steps and elapsed time to output RGB laser files from a Nano P60 mission aboard a M600 UAV.

RGB Attribution is a Dramatic Aid to Data Interpretion

Each LidarSwiss sensor is designed and constructed to RGB attitribute laser data in our standard workflow.  There is ZERO additional effort required to create this type of data.

Check out the example from our new Nano P60 sensor.

Move the slider to observe the dramatic difference between RGB laser data and conventional viewing of laser data colored by elevation!