Nano X90

Our most impressive entry-level Nano LiDAR system.

Nano X90

Offering the most effective pulse rate, a longer range and more acres per minute than your standard system, this is our most powerful Nano-series LidarSwiss sensor.

(video and potree coming soon!)


  • Solid-state scanner MMT© with non rotational, frictionless and mirrorless beam-steering so no moving parts! (highest MTBF in class)
  • Laser pulse repetition rate – 430kHz (single return)
  • 100% duty cycle (all points within FOV – highest point density in class)
  • 200m range to 10% reflective object (longest in class)
  • FOV 90° wide x 18deg forward (4 lines – +12, +6, nadir, -6)
  • Frame rate fixed at ~246Hz
  • Up to 2 returns and intensity per shot
  • Class 1 laser (eye-safe)
  • Applanix® IMU/GNSS/RTX
  • Calibrated 42MP camera
  • Robust and fully encapsulated design
  • In-flight processing with LSAP
  • 1 year of free PPK processing – if needed


  • 3D modeling with superior along track modeling
  • Terrain modeling, including heavily vegetated areas
  • Medium area mapping at high accuracy
  • Extreme density volumetric calculations
  • 100m+ powerline inspection/danger tree analysis
  • Forestry mapping at 200+ pts/㎡ from 100m


  • Custom integrations
  • Project advice
  • Calibration for new platforms
  • Mounting brackets
  • Software interfaces
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Consulting 
  • Short term rentals including LSAP 
  • On-site assistance/training
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