Micro 120

The highest quality extreme point density system on the market. 

Power Line Demo on VTOL

Check out the Micro 120 in this power line demonstration showing how advanced and powerful this sensor is.  At 200m AGL this combination collected 200 pts/m2 and flew for 150 minutes at 85km/hr!

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Limestone Karsts near famous Guilin, China

The Micro 120 is survey grade and highly capable of any size of medium altitude corridor or area project.  The example project is rural village mapping at 30 pts/m2.  This system is on the way to becoming legendary!

  • Flight height: 300m
  • Flight speed: 36m/sec (70kts)
  • Laser pulse rate: 600kHz
  • Image grnd pixel size: 6cm
  • Aircraft type: R44 helicopter

= Color by elevation
= Laser intensity


  • 20° forward and backward view increases point density of vertical objects in flightline direction
  • Intelligent system controller
  • Automatic RGB attribution to laser points
  • Only 30% side lap needed to generate survey grade DOM
  • Lifetime system calibration
  • Direct geo-referencing technology
  • Large data storage space
  • Easy to install and operate


  • Large area mapping:
    • Land mapping
    • Forestry mapping
    • Flood plain mapping
    • City modeling
  • Long corridor mapping:
    • Oil and gas pipelines
    • Long distance power transmission lines inspection
    • Highway
    • Railroads
    • Coastal lines


  • Custom integrations
  • Project advice
  • Calibration for new platforms
  • Mounting brackets
  • Software interfaces
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Consulting 
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