The Story of How LidarSwiss Came To Be

To see how we got to where we are today, you have to see how we started…

RGB LiDAR Attribution

November 2002
First Successful UAV LiDAR Flight

March 2010
First BVLOS Flight

February 2012

Direct Geo-referencing Workflow

July 2014

Simultaneous Laser Geo-referencing
and RGB Attribution

January 2015
First Vux-1 Flight

June 2015


LidarSwiss was Established


March 2017

First Real-time RGB Flight

December 2017

Completed 62,005 sq/km
Project in Thailand

March 2021


Completed 35,000+ km
Power Line Patrol to Date


July 2022

Backed by Decades of Mobile LiDAR Experience

The founder and CTO of LidarSwiss, Robert Kletzli, has been a pioneer in LiDAR technology since the early 1990’s.

In 2005, Robert received a consultant contract to aid in starting a large LiDAR company in China.  During his time there, he realized UAV’s would be a good alternative to the highly controlled airspace of manned aircrafts.  He started flying UAV LiDAR in 2010 and enjoyed the freedom to fly however the company wished,
which also offered the added convenience of not having to be tied to an airport.

In 2014, he started working with a Swiss UAV helicopter company, SwissDrones®, and a year later had his first international sale of the Micro Vux series along with a SwissDrones® UAV.

After decades of work in the industry, Robert determined the international market was ready for UAV LiDAR
and in 2017 LidarSwiss was born.

Total Years of Experience
KMs of Powerlines Mapped
KMs of Total Area Mapped

With the Highest Quality Partners in the Industry,
Our Systems are Built to Tackle Any Project

Let LidarSwiss help you decide which system makes the most sense for your next project.  LidarSwiss partners with the best in the industry to ensure that the calibration of each component of every system is of the highest possible quality.  

We're Here to Help with Easier Industrial Solutions

Agriculture + Forestry​

Our highly calibrated sytems allow forestry professionals to more precisely calculate forest inventory and yields. 

Architecture + Engineering

All of our systems are capable of various levels of accurate 3D information.  Highway design/renovation, flood plain modeling and surface models are the most common.

Public Safety

Our 3D-Live solution is a favorite among first responders who require immediate & quantifiable data for rapid decision making.


Our LiDAR solutions have acquired tens of thousands of kilometers of power lines and pipelines in the last decade.  No other technology can produce the level of detail and accuracy required. 

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